U.S. House fails to override Biden’s WOTUS veto

House lawmakers failed to override the President’s veto on the disapproval of the new WOTUS rule.

They needed a two-thirds vote but the tally came up short - it failed 227 to 196.

Idaho’s Representative Mike Simpson was in attendance and said this is not the end, according to Idaho Capital Sun.

“We ought to be able to solve this problem and end the litigation and regulatory uncertainty for our rural property owners, farmers, and ranchers. Despite the House failing to reach the necessary two-thirds majority to overturn President Biden’s veto, I want to assure the landowners of Idaho that this is not the end of the fight.”

This did not come as a surprise, however, since the original resolution only passed by a slim margin.

Right now, ag leaders are holding hope for the Supreme Court’s decision in the Sackett case, which could come down at any day.