U.S. retreat from Afghanistan may add pressure to pass infrastructure package

Some lawmakers suggest the fall of Afghanistan could pressure Congress to move quickly on infrastructure, when the House returns Monday.

They say that the White House is probably looking for a political win sooner than it could take to get the massive spending bill through Congress. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that she will not pass one without the other.

Illinois Republican Rodney Davis, who serves on the House Ag Committee, says that the situation in Afghanistan further complicates the timeline.

“A lot of my good friends are Democrats in Congress that are more agreeable to what we prefer in the Midwest when it comes to policies, but, as I tell them, I just haven’t seen them stand up to the Speaker, since they took the majority... and I’ll be surprised if they do now,” Davis explains.

So far, Pelosi does not seem to be swayed to a more moderate decision, despite only having a paper-thin majority in the house.


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