U.S. trade rep to press Indian officials on rice export ban

Katherine Tai will be in India this weekend to discuss the country’s controversial ban on white rice exports.

Rice ban discussions

In response to India’s controversial ban on non-basmati white rice that are not basmati rice, United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai will be in New Delhi this weekend to press officials on the situation.

Tai started her trip to Asia this week, stopping in Semarang, Indonesia, and Jaipur, India for the G20 Trade and Investment Ministers Meeting. She will make her way to New Delhi on August 26 to participate in bilateral talks on the country’s rice export ban. These discussions will take place just before President Joe Biden travels to attend the full G20 Summit in New Delhi in early September.

The U.S. rice sector has been vocal about India’s export ban, But Indian officials say the controversial move is intended to prevent food inflation in the country. U.S. Chief Agricultural Negotiator Doug McKalip told Agri-Pulse the trade rep’s office is closely working with the Indian government on the issue.

While the ban is expected to have short-term effects on U.S. farmers in the international market, The USA Rice Federation worries prices will spiral when they eventually release the stored grain.

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