Ukrainian’s railways do not cut it to get exports out; incentives to boost U.S. railway staffing

Time is running out to get Ukrainian ports open for exports before much of this year’s crop goes to waste.

Ag leaders say the country’s railways just will not cut it. Global Ag Business, CHS, says Ukraine’s rail system was mainly designed to move grain from farms to port and it is just not in the cards to ship millions of tons of food out of the country that way.

We will continue to monitor talks between Russia and Ukraine to see if an agreement to reopen the Black Sea Port can be reached.

Here at home, there are plans to boost staffing for U.S. railways. After months of shipping delays, the nation’s four largest rail companies are offering incentives, including $1,000 bonuses, vacation buybacks, and extra travel allowances. Altogether, the railways hope to hire more than 6,000 new employees by the end of the year.


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