“We’ve Heard Zilch": Senators await meeting with Biden to discuss biofuels

A group of U.S. Senators are hopeful President Biden will soon meet with them to discuss biofuel policies.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said that he would like to talk with the administration about the Renewable Fuel Standard and promote biofuels as a key solution for America’s energy and climate agenda.

The Senator told Tony St. James with the AgriBusiness Report that the biofuels industry has yet to hear from the President and where the industry is headed.

“We’ve heard zilch from a President that said that he was going to be for biofuels. So, it’s very much in question and this uncertainty is not good for the industry, and I’m surprised they’re doing so well now and I’m glad for that, but looking ahead... we just need to have the government bring some certainty to the industry,” according to Grassley.

He says that the administration has yet to also make a comment on RVO’s.


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