Wrangler NFR 2019: Amberleigh Moore wins Round 6 of barrel racing


Amerleigh Moore had the best ride of the rodeo so far with a 13.55 to win Round 6. Her ride was .1 second faster than Round 5 winner Dona Kay Rule.

“Tonight, she (her horse Paige) was in a mood,” Moore, who also won Round 3 said. “She was in a girl mood and had some attitude, so I wasn’t sure what I was going to get. She came in and just cranked one out. She was cranky, and we were giving her treats and bribing her before we ran. That’s how moody she was, and she’s never in a mood like that.”

Ivy Conrado-Saebens finished second with a run of 13.69 and Hailey Kinsel came in just behind her at 13.70. Kinsel is clinging to a slight lead over Moore in the world standings with first-time NFR qualifier Emily Miller in third and Lisa Lockhart in fourth.

Barrel Racing World Standings (NFR money in parentheses)

1. Hailey Kinsel - $210,482 ($61,615)

2. Amberleigh Moore - $207,982 ($114,923)

3. Emily Miller - $196,660 ($98,846)

4. Lisa Lockhart - $181,313 ($34,961)

5. Nellie Miller - $179,841 ($25,230)