Wrangler NFR 2019: Shane Hanchey wins Round 4 in tie-down roping, his second NFR round win this year


After winning Round 1, Shane Hanchey notched another tie-down roping victory at NFR in Round 4 to bring his week’s earnings to $83,192.

“I had a great calf. I had to take others’ word for it because I didn’t think it was a great calf but it was,” Hanchey said. “Tyler Milligan said tied him this morning and said ‘I’ve been wanting to run that calf all week’ so that gave me some last-minute confidence.”

Hanchey’s 7.50 time was one of two sub-8 second runs Sunday night. Riley Pruitt had the other with a 7.70. Round 2 winner Marty Yates finished third in Round 4 with a time of 8.0 and Taylor Santos and Haven Meged tied for fourth at 8.10.

Meged sits in second in the world standings.

Hanchey, who won the 2013 world championship, knows that NFR can have an impact on the athletes mentally as well as physically.

“All of us want to do well, not only for us but our families,” he said. “We’ve put an extended amount of pressure on ourselves, it can be a roller coaster for sure.”

He said knowing he has the lead in the world standings won’t change his gameplan the rest of the week.

Tie-Down Roping World Standings (NFR money in parentheses)

1. Shane Hanchey - $185,389 ($83,192)

2. Haven Meged - $167,744 ($47,865)

3. Marty Yates - $162,084 ($60,769)

4. Taylor Santos $150,753 ($49,346)

5. Caleb Smidt $141,899 ($10,000)