104 year old Wisconsin woman becomes the oldest to harvest a deer in the state


(CNN)-- Wisconsin’s Florence Teeters raised all of her children to be hunters, but she actually never went hunting herself. She decided to change that and get her first ever hunting license, at the age of 104.

She went out into a blind with her son Bill and was able to harvest her first ever buck. Her son said that he pointed out two bucks almost 100 feet from them, and he let his mom take it from there. “I got a buck, I got a buck!” she hollered, according to KDKA CBS.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources she is now the oldest Wisconsin to get a license and harvest a deer. In a press release they stated, “This young lady chose this opportunity to partake in Wisconsin’s long-established tradition of deer hunting. This proves that Wisconsin’s gun deer hunting season is for every generation.”

Story Via CBSN-- Pittsburgh