42,000 lbs of pistachios stolen from California company


The Great Pistachio Theft!

The Touchstone Pistachio Company was conducting a standard audit of their operation. That is when they discovered around 42,000 pounds of its product had gone missing. Naturally, an investigation was opened.

Thanks to helpful leads, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office was able to quickly “crack” the case.

A truck driver was arrested in relation to the theft.

According to a Facebook post by the sheriff’s office, “Investigative leads in Fresno and Kern County discovered the tractor-trailer containing the pistachios had been moved from the Montemayor Trucking lot in Delano to a nearby lot. Detectives found that the pistachios were being moved from 2,000-pound sacks into smaller bags for re-sale. The remaining pistachios were returned to the Touchstone Pistachio Company. 34-year-old Alberto Montemayor of Montemayor Trucking was arrested and booked...”


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Story via Michael Hollan with KTVU