A plethora of issues are causing concern for U.S. wheat growers during #Plant22

U.S. wheat producers have a lot of concerns right now with high input prices, the war in Ukraine, and even the upcoming legislative session.

Wheat Growers Association’s Executive Director says, “We also have the potential to have a lot of new legislators in the next session, so we need to make sure that we’re on top of that and educate them on the issues that we have. The top issues were salmon recovery funding, the labor bill that happened, we’re looking for seasonality with that. That didn’t even get heard in the committee, so we want to work on that for farmers.”

Shelby Buck, a viewer from Geraldine, Montana, sent in a video of her operation where she is seeding spring wheat during a snowstorm. Buck says she thought she was going to have to shut down, but her hoses stayed dry and the fan didn’t stick to any snow. Conditions have been very dry in her area.


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