A rancher in Hawaii has had four cattle slain in past three months


Honolulu, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow)-- A Maui rancher continues to find her cattle slain.

Around the start of December, Paige De Ponte, owner of Triple L. Ranch, discovered that one of her pregnant cows was killed with an arrow.

The death of this heifer marks the fourth time that this has happened to her herd in the last three month. The first being a bull back in September.

The death of her cattle only adds to the struggles that the De Pontes have faced this year. They have endured not only the pandemic but also a drought.

According to HawaiiNewsNow, she stated, “It’s been a significant hit and to have someone just go out and shoot our cattle for whatever reason and leave them for dead is just beyond my comprehension.”

Paige was married to a former champion bull rider, Louis Bully De Ponte. When he passed away in 2011, he left his family the ranch to run.

Story Via Chelsea Davis with HawaiiNewsNow