“A very necessary piece of legislation": Sen. Grassley offers update on EATS Act and combating Prop-12

With the new year came the implementation of Prop-12, California’s new regulations for confinement space in the pork industry and it affects the sector nationwide.

In response, Sen. Chuck Grassley and several other lawmakers introduced the EATS Act, preventing local governments from regulating the ag practices of other states.

“I think there might be some disagreement among the cosponsors of the bill, whether or not we ought to try to force it as a part of the Farm Bill. But I think unless we get it passed as part of the Farm Bill, it’s the only way you’re going to get it to the floor because I can’t see... Leader Schumer bringing it up as a separate. And obviously, you know, with the economic impact of it plus the stupidity of having Californian non-farmers tell us how to farm in Iowa, it’s a very necessary piece of legislation,” Sen. Grassley explains.