A&W makes the switch to Canadian beef

RFD-TV’s Christina Loren interviews the Host of RealAg Radio Shaun Haney. Haney reports on the fast-food chain, A&W, switching suppliers and having their beef come from Canada instead of Australia.

A&W’s beef has been in the headlines when they used the skeptical term ‘better beef.’ This term meant that A&W did not use beef with added hormones and had an amazing taste. Haney stated that A&W are in the process of going 100% grass fed, Canadian beef and adds that this might create logistic issues for the company later on.

The move could be consumer driven, according to Haney. He noted that A&W, from a marketing standpoint, is trying to stay ahead of the curve and Haney did seem skeptical about the move as a whole. He goes on to say that it is unlikely the U.S. will be affected by this move.

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