Abraham Lincoln returns to Washington


Washington, Illinois (WEEK)-- The “Land of Lincoln” is finding a new home for his “Return Visit” statue.

A 31 foot tall and 37,000 pound statue of former President Lincoln is being relocated to its new home in Washington, Illinois, where it will stand outside of the local fire department. The statue was previously standing outside the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield.

Private donors aided in the transportation of the structure.

According to WEEK, the executive director of the Washington Historical Society noted, “We have this great Lincoln connection in the city of Washington. It’s really fantastic that we’re able to bring Lincoln back to Washington for a return visit after he was here, you know, 200 years ago.”

Also on this day back in 1863, President Lincoln gave this legendary Gettysburg Address. The speech followed the Battle of Gettysburg, a battle where more than 40,000 men were injured or died.

The Gettysburg Address is considered by many to be one of the most significant and important speeches ever.

Story via 25 News-- WEEK