AFBF: Market Intel - Hog Barns and Organic Livestock


November 15, 2017

This week, American Farm Bureau Federation’s analyst, Katelyn McCullock, speaks with RFD-TV’s Mark Oppold about the formation of two new hog slaughter facilities, in Iowa and Michigan, as well as the organic livestock rules set forth by the USDA. McCullock told RFD-TV that when the two hog facilities reach capacity, increasing slaughtering capacity by 22,000 head per day, their impact will be reflected in the market. Once these facilities reach full operating capacity, there is hope for better margins in the hog market.

She also explained the delay of USDA rules being established for organic livestock and the American Farm Bureau Federation’s push for congressman to make changes.

American Farm Bureau Federation’s market analysts are featured in a weekly “Market Day Report” segment titled, “AFBF: Market Intel.”