AFBF on legislation to eliminate the estate tax

Ag groups are applauding legislation to eliminate the estate tax, removing barriers to farm ownership. Versions were unveiled in the House and Senate that allow for a complete repeal.

AFBF’s Pat Wolff speaks with RFD-TV’s own Tammi Arender on these new bills, and where it goes from here.

“Certainly repealing the estate tax is an important goal for agriculture, but there is something a little more pressing and that is that Congress is turning its sights now on spending bills, on infrastructure bills, and they are looking for a way to pay for that new spending, and one of the things they have their eyes on is the estate tax. So, while we would like to see the estate tax repealed, we’re concerned that there is going to be efforts to try to roll back the exemption, to actually increase the estate tax exemption and increase the estate tax on farmers and ranchers in the near-term,” according to Wolff.

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