Agriculture organizations pen letter asking Governors to support food supply


On Wednesday, 35 agriculture organizations sent a joint letter to governors across the U.S. asking them to support agriculture in their coronavirus response.

“We are grateful for your leadership in protecting public health during the COVID-19 pandemic. We
understand that state and local movement restrictions are necessary for limiting the spread of this virus,” the letter says. “At the same time, we know you understand that the need to produce, transport, and distribute food and
to protect public health and infrastructure are equally essential.”

The organizations highlighted four key things they wanted state’s to enact.

• Adoption of the Department of Homeland Security’s revised definition of “critical infrastructure,” which includes food, agriculture and public health businesses and supporting services.

• Maintain and expand transportation capacity by encouraging flexible load-limit restrictions and expanding trucking capacity.

• Support transportation services, including public rest areas and takeout restaurants.

• Ensure needed state testing labs and facilities remain operational.

“We are committed to working closely with you as you work to limit the spread of this virus and provide
for the safety, nourishment, and well-being of your citizens,” the letter concludes. “We appreciate your leadership in ensuring that new policies or movement restrictions recognize food production, distribution, and the maintenance of our infrastructure are critical priorities.”

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