Voices of Agriculture
Voices of Agriculture

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American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) is “the unified national voice of agriculture, working through a grassroots organization to enhance and strengthen rural Americans’ lives and build strong, prosperous agricultural communities.”

RFD-TV shares the same views of agriculture as the AFBF, which is why each week, we feature stories and news from various state Farm Bureau organizations in the Voices of Agriculture time slot. READ MORE

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Florida Farm Bureau’s ‘CARES’ program publicly recognizes farmers and ranchers in The Sunshine State who go above and beyond to protect the state’s natural resources. We take you to Crooked Creek Farm in Altha, Florida, one of the operations recognized for its use of sustainable management practices.
The expiration of the current farm bill is quickly approaching. The Virginia Farm Bureau offers their perspective as September progresses and time ticks away for this important piece of legislation.
When beavers and their dams disappeared in the 90s, the land around Jason Fellows’ Idaho farm started losing water because the stream was moving too fast down the hill. Jason remembered where those dams were and has built Beaver Dam Analogs (BDAs) to bring sustainability to the soil, and the water, and to attract beavers back into the area.
Chelsea O’Brien’s agricultural journey began on her grandpa’s dairy farm. After a career in agriculture, she received the Farm Bureau’s Excellence in Ag Award and now serves as the Young Farmer Representative for Spencer County, Indiana.
The Mississippi Farm Bureau takes us along as they work with educators across the state to provide teachers with new methods, materials, and activities that they need to get kids motivated.
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