Alabama is picking up the pieces left by Hurricane Sally

While farmers and ranchers in the Bayou State recover from Hurricane Laura, their neighboring state, Alabama, is picking up the pieces from Hurricane Sally. This Week in Louisiana Ag presents this video showing the damage left behind.

Soybeans and cotton in Baldwin Country are laying low due to Sally’s high winds and rain. Farmer Joel Sirmon states that the storm damaged nearly every crop grown in the area.

“I’m most concerned about the crop. Cotton... looks pretty bad; also the pecan crop is pretty bad. Lot of the pecans blew off the tree and a number of trees have blown down as well. It’ll have a lasting effect on the pecan crop. One of the farmers told us it’ll be a couple years before they could possibly have a good pecan crop again,” Jimmy Parnell, president of the Alabama Farmers Federation, states.

Sirmon notes that the pecan crop was only a few weeks away from being harvested.

Many farmers lost what was going to be a good, maybe even great, crop. “It’s devastating really when you loose those big crops,” Parnell adds.

Alabama Farmers recovering from Hurricane Sally.

Hurricane Sally’s impact on Alabama ag.

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