Allie Colleen stops by to perform “Don’t Give You’re Heart to a Cowboy”

We have a special treat for you!

She is an Oklahoma girl with Music City roots in her blood but has got a captivating style all her own.

Allie Colleen is blazing her own trail, writing and performing, and recently released her debut album-- Stones.

She joined Janet Adkison at the MDR studio to talk about her upbringing, her experience in the music business, horses, and all she has in store for the music scene.

“With all that room to roam-- just that safe haven of having property and having land to go and run around and just learn the lessons that you can safely learn... there is just something about being out there and immersed in just countryside just allows you to grow up really freely like I did.”

To check out her debut album click HERE

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