“America the Beautiful": Biden’s 30x30 plan rebranded

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is responding to President Biden’s conservation plan.

The so-called “30x30" plan is now called the “America the Beautiful” initiative. The goal is to have 30 percent of the nation’s land and water entered into the conservation reserve program by 2030.

The administration says that it based the goals on feedback gathered since January. It calls for more access to outdoor recreation and creating a civilian climate corp to battle climate change.

Here are some more highlight:

  • Creating more parks in nature-deprived communities

  • Supporting tribal conservation and restoration

  • Expanding conservation of fish and wildlife habitats

  • Rewarding voluntary conservation efforts of ranchers and farmers

On a weekly call with reporters, Senator Chuck Grassley said that it is not a land grab in the traditional sense.

NCBA and the Public Lands Council said that it is pleased to see rancher and farmer input. The group says, “Over the next decade, livestock producers will continue doing what they’ve done for generations-- manage their lands in a way that promotes conservation and good environmental outcomes, and share that expertise with federal agencies.”


Biden administration has released “30x30" details