American Farm Bureau Federation August Trade Data


October 11, 2017

Nashville, Tenn. (RFD-TV) American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) economist Katelyn McCullock, joined us live on RFD-TV’s “Market Day Report” to discuss the AFBF August market data. She explained that the United States has posted double-digit increases in beef exports over the past three consecutive months, with demand being especially high from countries such as Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

On the import side of the equation, beef and veal imports are down overall about 3 percent for the year, but August numbers were more robust (up about 8%). There have also been changes over the past 8 months with regard to the regions which are exporting the most products to the U.S., with a notable boost in products coming from the Central America region, Mexico and Nicaragua in particular.

Watch the video above for more information on the current state of agricultural trade.