American Farmland Trust launches ‘Farming is our Future’ effort

The American Farmland Trust wants to transform agriculture and says that the pandemic highlights the reason why.

They call it “Farming is our Future.”

The group wants to reduce the rate of farmland loss by 75 percent and reduce carbon emissions by 650 million metric tons a year.

The group says that the future of farming is jeopardized by climate change and unjust barriers to farm and ranch land, but there’s now a renewed demand for locally-sources products.

“People are starting to see they can’t depend on the grocery store, but can depend on on their local farmer. and it might not be safe for me to go shop in places that I use to shop, but I feel safe getting a box of produce from the farm down the road,’” said Addie Candib, the Pacific Northwest regional director. “So, I think there’s a new understanding of local interdependence that’s really important and really essential for the future of our farming system.”

She notes that while many of their goals sound lofty, this is the first step in a 40 year effort.

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