APHIS: Stopping Smuggled Meats Crucial to Halting Spread of African Swine Fever

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has confiscated and destroyed more than 1,900 pounds of prohibited meat products in the New York City area.

APHIS says that the items came from China without proper permits and health certificates. The agency says that the biggest concern is African swine fever.

“Most recently African swine fever was confirmed in pigs in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and it would have a significant impact on U.S. pork producers, their communities, export markets if discovered in the United States. Fortunately, it has never reached the U.S. and all of us at USDA want to keep it that way,” USDA’s Jenny Moffitt states.

The seizures took place between October and December.

A Kansas State University researcher says that ASF will eventually find its way into the United States.

Dr. Cassandra Jones says that USDA’s efforts to limit imports makes direct transmission unlikely. She predicts it will likely hitch a ride on a passenger from a region where the virus is present.

If ASF does reach our shores, Dr. Jones says that a 72 hour stop movement order would be the best way to immediately contain it.


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