Around 50 neglected animals found in home in apparent hoarding situation including six horses and 21 German Shepherds

Bethel, Ohio

Dozens of animals were found in a state of neglect Saturday in what appears to be a hoarding situation in Bethel, Ohio according to FOX 19 Now.

According to reports, around 50 animals were found in various locations within and outside the home.

Meghan Colville, a program director with the Humane Society said, “The magnitude was a lot worse than we thought. A lot of the animals who had not been outdoors or on leash, maybe ever.”

The local Sheriff’s office responded on Saturday to the home to find German Shepherds in cages in the basement, horses confined in a small area outside, and many animals living inside the house.

The animals they have accounted for thus far include 21 German Shepherds, six horses, 20 cars, and several ferrets and guinea pigs.