As a winter storm rolls across Rural America, here are tips to keep you and your operation safe

Winter weather is currently working its way across the Plains and the Midwest, leaving ag operations and their caretakers vulnerable to the dangers that come with it.

In Western Nebraska, Kim Henson posted these pictures on Twitter from her operation in Harrisburg. Snow drifts have formed and she says the wind was relentless.

In North Dakota, Riley Schriefer thought they were in the clear, but ended up having to break out the big machines to get some of those snow drifts moved.

As that weather continues its trek, adjusters with Nationwide Insurance have some fundamental tips aimed at keeping things moving when winter weather strikes, like protecting your personal health. Frostbite can set in very fast when wind chills fall below zero.

When it comes to livestock, they say moving them into the barn is the safest bet, but be warned, snow is heavy and can cause a collapse. Setting up a management plan for removing snow from facility roofs now could save you countless dollars and losses down the road.

Finally, they remind folks to pay attention to their machinery. Plugging in those old diesels will make morning starts much easier.

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