Beloved family horse found shot in pasture


A North Carolina family is dealing with the loss of a beloved horse.

Blackjack, a quarter horse that had pulled three generations of the Hill family, was found dead in the pasture with a gunshot wound to the head. Blackjack was special in many ways, according to the Hills he was a “sign from God”.

“When Blackjack was born, my grandson... was having open-heart surgery,” Robert Hill stated, according to WLOS.

While the youngest Hill was having surgery on his heart 21 years ago, the little horse was born with a heart mark on its stomach. Hill goes on to say, “We always thought that that was a sign of something from God, that he had that heart there.”

The case remains under investigation and officials have not seen any similar crimes in the county.

Hill stated that he does not know of anyone that would do this to his family, and he hopes the individual/individuals ask for God’s mercy.

Story via Karen Wynne with WLOS