Biden administration has released “30x30" details

The Biden administration has now detailed the “30x30" vision to conserve the environment.

There are eight principles to guide the effort. Some include:

  • Pursue a collaborative and inclusive approach to conservation of land and water

  • Support locally-led and designed conservation efforts, while honoring tribal sovereignty and priorities

  • Creating jobs to support healthy communities yet honoring private property rights at the same time

  • Building on existing tools with science as the guide

In response to the plan, American Farm Bureau President, Zippy Duvall just issued a statement saying “it’s a start, but lacks specifics.”

He says, “I had several positive conversations with Secretary Vilsack about ‘30x30' and we will work with him and his colleagues to ensure the details live up to promises made to protect American agriculture.”

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley believes Sec. Vilsack when he says “it’s not a federal land grab.” However, he says that it could still be damaging to ag production.

According to the Senator, “It’s not going to lose ownership of the land and there’ll be income from it for the farmer, but it could be destructive as you take land out of production to the business people in the area where the land is taken out of production for input and processing input into crops... It would probably reduce animal agriculture to some extent.”


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