Bill Alexander Painting Tips: Mountain Water Runoff Part 4

Each Saturday we will have tips and instructions from Bill himself as he walks you through “Mountain Water Runoff.”

“I dream up and then unload my dream” Bill Alexander

Today Bill continues his painting called “Mountain Water Runoff.” He adds the foreground trees.

Key Points To Consider:

  • Notice how Bill left the background blank where he added the foreground trees.
  • He did this because it is easier to paint on a dry canvas than to paint into the paint.
  • Since he designed this scene in his head he knew right where to leave uncovered.
  • He is using thick paint.
  • The paint on the canvas is wet.
  • The darker he makes the base color the more his highlights will stand out.
  • He is still telling a story as he paints.
  • Bill said, “I dream up and then unload my dream!”
  • He uses the knife to plow through the base color to create trunks.
  • Notice the knife picks up some of the paint and then Bill drags it into the lighter area. He creates the illusion of branches this way.