Bill Alexander Painting Tips: Sylvan Path Part 1

Bill shows us how to do the most important thing... establish the story of your painting.

Bill teaches a valuable lesson today as he talks about having a thought in his mind of what he wants to paint. Notice he talks about the mood of the painting. It isn’t just a day for a walk, it is a Sunday walk. He talks about what is happening while someone strolls down the road he will create. If you want to have feeling in your paintings, create a story! Doesn’t have to be something you’ve experienced it could be something you dream about experiencing! Once you’ve identified the mood, time of year, time of day, etc. your painting will flow.

Bill sets the background by adding “happy blue” sky. Anytime Bill says “happy blue” he means Phthalo Blue. Notice he uses less pressure as he comes down towards the horizon. This makes the color lighter which looks further away. The “happy blue” also mixes with Magic White which lightens the value as well.

Bill adds Phthalo Green to his background trees. This is a cooler green which looks better in the distance.

He varies the heights of the trees to create interest. He adds the illusion of tree trunks by scratching the canvas and removing paint.

We no longer use thinner to clean our brushes. We use baby wipes and vegetable oil.

Bill was passionate about music but not a fan of modern music. He liked music that made him feel happy and at peace.

We are so happy about the things we can learn from Bill. It is just as important to listen to what he has to say as to what he paints on the canvas.