Bill Alexander Painting Tips: To The Summit pt 4

Each Saturday we will have tips and instructions from Bill himself as he walks you through “To The Summit.”

Bill wraps up his painting, “To The Summit” and he did it all with his Palette Knife.

Points To Consider:

  • Bill uses his knife to plow through the paint on the canvas. This removes paint and allows the light color from the canvas to show through. This gives the illusion of tree trunks.
  • He removes paint as he creates the tree trunks therefore he wipes his knife off often.]
  • He wants to brighten up the very top of the center mountain peak. The mountain highlights have been sitting for about 15 minutes now so Bill can add another layer of highlights at the top of the mountain. It works much better if his painting sits overnight. This allows the paint to set up so it accepts more paint easily. Bill didn’t have time to wait.
  • He uses a little bit of blue mixed with white to create the color for the shoreline.
  • He tries to stay as horizontal as possible as he adds the shoreline and water lines.
  • The shoreline creates a separation between the actual landscape and the reflection in the water.
  • The waterlines gives the illusion that the water is moving.
  • Even when he wanted the brightest waterlines in the water, he used blue and white.

Everything that is far away will appear straighter and flatter to the eye. Try this… go outside and look for something that is as far as you can see. Notice how straight everything appears? It does so even when it is something that isn’t completely straight. Things also appear very flat as well. Also notice that everything looks more blue and gray far away. That is because our eye can’t see additional colors that far away.

We hope you enjoyed this project and even painted along with Bill!

Happy Painting!