Boosting Biofuels-- three bills to be introduced today

Farm Belt lawmakers are expected to formally introduce a series of bills today to boost the biofuels sector.

One bill includes a billion dollars in grants to pay for pumps and storage tanks for high ethanol fuel. A second would give a $200 dollar credit per car for automakers who build flex-fuel vehicles. A third would give tax credits for blenders and retailers for each gallon of E15 they sell.

The industry was recently dealt two blows, when the Supreme Court sided with refiners seeking waivers from ethanol blending, and when a circuit court overturned the EPA’s rule for year-round sales of E15.

House lawmakers already unveiled a bill to clarify who is eligible for small refinery exemptions.

The move comes after the Supreme Court decision. Supports say that the SRE Clarification Act of 2021 will force refiners to comply with the Renewable Fuel Standard, rather than have a never-ending excuse to avoid blending obligations.


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