Breakdown of Weather Worries: Arkansas floods, Nebraska storms, Western Wildfires

Here are some of the weather stories impacting agriculture across the country.


In Arkansas, farmers are still reeling from flooding. The state now says that the June floods caused more than $200 million dollars in crop losses. The town of Dumas and neighboring counties saw nearly 20 inches of rain in a matter of two days.

Farmers estimate the soybean and rice industries each suffered $70 million dollars in damage, $60 million dollars for corn production, $6 million dollars in cotton damage, and $1 million in wheat and sorghum losses.


Nebraska saw some severe thunderstorms overnight, with hail damaging fields.

Brian Wilcox, who is an ag pilot and firefighter, tweeted a picture of golf ball-sized hail in Tilden. His fields were drenched and hailed out.

Severe weather is possible again today and tomorrow, and the main hazards are large hail, damaging winds, and frequent lightning.


On the contrary, the widespread dryness in other parts of the country could impact your in-season fertilizer plans.

A soil fertility specialist with the University of Minnesota tells Brownfield Ag News that the dryness is affecting farmers’ plan of when to apply side-dress. That is because there is risk of volatility of ammonia off of urea and urea-based fertilizers.

He says to limit volatility, the best plan of action would be using an additive that contains urea.


Western U.S.

The drought and heatwave are fueling dozens upon dozens of wildfires across the west. Most of them have been caused by lightning strikes.

In Arizona alone, nearly 25 fires are burning and residents in Flagstaff have been told to be prepared to evacuate at a second’s notice.

In California, fires are burning in the southern and northern parts of the state.

In Klamath County, Oregon, where water supplies are tight, a fire has scorched 1,200 acres and threatens more than a hundred structures.


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