Breeding Mexican fighting bulls in Texas

One Texas ranch is raising fighting bulls. Although it is common practice, the aggressive nature of these animals makes the process difficult.

These heifers with a Mexican origin are being synchronized for an embryo transfer. It is common practice now to increase the genetics of these animals.

Texas veterinarian Dr. Marshall Garrett states, “We are pulling the cedars out of them and then giving them a shot to synchronize them in estrus, so that they can have their embryos transferred from another set of heifers.”

These animals are going to be used to breed fighting bulls. This makes them a little more tricky to deal with. One of the workers says that they are more ornery than most and he see that every day.

Dr. Euler says that any bullfighter who tries to deal with these guys better be quick to get out of the way.

“I really wouldn’t want to be in that pit with them right now. So, that’s why we have all these gates and bars in front of us...,” he notes. “These cattle are very hardy and they’re not messed with very much, so they tend to have a little bit more of an ornery disposition, especially when they’re in a crowded pen like this and that’s why they’re used specifically for these fighting events.”

These guys certainly do not mess around. They are very ornery and that means they cost a lot of money. According to Dr. Euler, “Right now they’re probably worth anywhere from $600 to $1,000 dollars the way they sit, just because of their origin and the breed of cattle that they are.”

He adds that when these heifers have babies over their lifespan, they can be worth a lot more.