Brett Kissel’s “Deer Blind"— a Musical Ode of Fatherly Love and Tradition

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(Nashville, TN - October 20, 2023) Brett Kissel, the multi-CCMA award-winning country sensation, has just dropped his latest track from his eagerly anticipated album, West Album – introducing “Deer Blind.” The song offers a heartfelt glimpse into the deep bond between Kissel and his two beloved sons. The track can be downloaded here.

“Deer Blind” narrates the poignant tale of a father introducing his son to the world of hunting, capturing the moments of joy in the lead-up to their adventure. While they gather the essentials for their journey, the father cherishes mental snapshots of his young boy preparing for his initiation into a cherished family tradition. Regardless of the weather or circumstances, the father eagerly anticipates building an even stronger connection with his son.

Kissel spoke on the meaning behind the track, saying “‘Deer Blind’ is less a song about hunting than it is about lifelong memories and bonds that are forged by passing on a tradition from one generation to the next. The line ‘there ain’t nothin’ better than sittin’ with my boy in a deer blind’ was casually spoken to me by my good buddy Mike Fisher, who explained just how special it was to sit with his son and help him get his first deer. I knew I had to turn that into a country song. You see, memories made in a deer blind are much more important than the harvest itself. Being in nature, in silence, or in laughter — just being together — it adds another layer to a long lasting legacy. That’s what ‘Deer Blind’ is all about.

This track offers a glimpse of what fans can anticipate from Brett’s forthcoming album to be released November 3, the third installment of “The Compass Project” titled West Album. With its heartfelt guitar melodies and timeless country flair, the album is poised to embody one of Kissel’s deepest musical and thematic passions – the rich tradition of country and western music.

To coincide with what Brett has deemed his most ambitious project to date, The Compass Tour continues to roll out with new dates across Canada, which kicks off tonight in Prince George, BC and continues well into 2024. The show tonight is sold out, but tickets for additional dates are on sale now here.

Kissel, a prominent figure in the Canadian music scene, has achieved remarkable success in his home country. Known for his charismatic personality, dynamic stage presence, and unique music style, Brett has soared to the top of the Canadian Country music charts. With 22 CCMA awards, three JUNO awards (equivalent to the American Grammy), two Gold-certified albums, a Platinum record, 10 Gold singles, and an impressive track record of 15 top-10 radio hits, his talent and popularity are undeniable. Kissel has toured with Brad Paisley and Garth Brooks and collaborated with Grammy winners Charley Pride, Dave Mustaine, Nelly, and 98°.

For more information about Brett Kissel, visit his website or follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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