Burden on Ag: How lawmakers are working to remove protections on the Lesser Prairie Chicken

A resolution looking to nullify protections for the Lesser Prairie Chicken will now head to a full House vote.

During a meeting with the House Rules Committee, lawmakers stressed they are a burden to farmers and ranchers.

Representative Michelle Fischbach: “I did want to talk a little bit about the importance of this. Maybe you can share with us, what does this really mean from the practical standpoint for a farmer in my district, and the importance of having things like you know, when a species is listed as endangered or upgraded from threatened to endangered it makes significant issues for those farmers?”

Representative Bruce Westerman: “No, thank you. Representative Fischbach. You know, for those who would want to downplay the importance of this, I would say go talk to the farmers in your district, ask them you know, how much extra burden they need to be able to do the work on their land? It may be something from getting an additional permit, which can be a lot harder when you’re dealing with the federal government or it may be shutting down your activity totally. Also if my colleagues want to minimize the importance of this CRA, the only reason we’re doing this is that the Biden Administration made a silly rule.”

A group of Kansas producers have already taken the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to court over the rule. Attorneys in that case argue officials are violating the constitutional separation of powers. The Senate voted earlier in the year to overturn the controversial rule. However, President Biden is expected to veto the bill.