Butter criticism is on the rise in Canada

Butter criticism is on the rise in Canada.

A food blogger has spurred questions on whether Canadian produced butter has changed in flavor and consistency at room temperature.

RealAg Radio’s Shaun Haney speaks with RFD-TV’s own Tammi Arender on the change concerns, if this impacts consumer health, and what is sparking the concern.

“There are some people who have said that at room temperature butter is staying firm and not melting like it ‘used to’... there was an online poll that was put out, and 52 percent of people said that the butter has changed since August... The Dairy Farmers of Canada said that there are many different factors that can have subtle impacts on the taste, texture, and melting point of butter including the differences in the cow’s diet from one region to another, or from one season to the next,” Haney explains.

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