Caleb and Leanne Ragland are the winners of AFBF’s Young Farmer and Rancher Achievement Award

The American Farm Bureau annual convention has come to an end, but this morning we are meeting the winners of the Young Farmer and Rancher Achievement Award.

They are Kentucky farmers, Caleb and Leanne Ragland.

They spoke with RFD-TV’s own Janet Adkison on their accomplishment, their time in ag, and what it means to win this award.

“It’s a very humbling honor... it’s great to see our accomplishments and our daily activities on the farm, off the farm being recognized in such a way,” Leanne states.

Caleb adds, “What made our family stand out a little bit-- 100 percent of our income comes from the farm. Leanne and I are partners; we work together every day. Our farm is our sole livelihood... We have a great passion for the agriculture industry...”