California Heatwave: How it is shedding light on other issues in the state

The latest drought monitor was released this week and it shows conditions in the south are continuing to improve after recent rains.

Farmers in Texas are especially seeing relief this week with the rain making a significant dent in prolonged drought areas. However, dry conditions did intensify in the Central and Northern Plains and many farmers have submitted reports to the National Drought Mitigation Center with reduced crop yields and deteriorating pasture and rangelands. The West is still experiencing a heatwave with record-breaking temperatures, which are increasing wildfires and shedding light on other issues.

Jeremy Zwinger is the CEO and president of the Rice Trader and Farm and Trade Inc. and he joined RFD-TV’s own Janet Adkison to discuss how the extreme heat is impacting farmers, wildfires, and the power grid in California.


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