Campfire Season Around the Corner


September 2, 2016

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFD-TV) As the nights get cool, there are few things as relaxing as sitting around a fire. But as crops are drying and leaves are falling, embers from wood burning fires could start unwanted fires. Propane fire pits are growing in popularity, offering all the relaxation without the risk.

Mark Lunsford, manager of Nashville Appliance Center & Fireplace, says “The fire pits are so popular because we can entertain. It’s starting to get cool, we’re starting to get into the fall and we can prolong our day by lighting a fire. We can warm up and eat our dinner around it.”

Lunsford gives his take on wood burning fires vs. propane fire pits.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like a good wood burning fire, but for me personally, I’m highly allergic to the smoke. And with the gas, I know exactly what it’s going to do. I can control the burn, I can control the flame, but one of the main things with the gas is I can turn it off and go inside and rest. With a regular fire, well, is the fire still going? Do I still have embers there? How do I put a screen over it so I don’t have the ember shooting out on my patio?”

Lunsford adds, “It’s a whole lot less likely to cause a fire. Users can control the flame, and how much energy they use. So, if you want a big roaring fire on this, you could definitely have it. Most of the time your fire is going to be five or six inches above the ring.”

Emphasizing safety, Lunsford explains that it’s important to read and follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions on lighting and maintaining the fire pit.

Proudly Propane says homeowners should keep fire pits at least 10 feet away from other structures. They should also consider using a safety screen, and only fill the pit with non-combustible materials such as glass or lava rock.