Can LEGO® Blocks Help Save Singapore’s Coral Reefs?

Singapore is home to a third of the world’s diversity of coral species, a staggering amount for a tiny country. Coral reefs protect the world’s coastlines, are home to thousands of fishes, and are a vital part of the underwater ecosystem. However, issues like land reclamation and coastal development have caused Singapore’s reefs to deplete over the decades.

But a group of scientists from the National University of Singapore is trying to change this - with LEGO® blocks!

They start by taking loose bits of coral from the reefs, which are then broken up and attached to LEGO® blocks. They can then grow into larger colonies. The scientists got the idea to use LEGO® blocks because they’re modular and scalable. They’re also using the method of vertical farming to save space, stringing the blocks down to maximize space in their aquarium!

For now, these coral pieces are just used for research experiments, but they hold promise for broader application in the future if those experiments suggest favorable results.