Canada faces largest federal government employee strike in history

Canada is facing its largest federal government employee strike in history!
More than 155,000 Public Service Alliance of Canada members began picketing last week.

That number includes employees of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada and the Canadian Grain Commission and it could have disastrous impacts on the industry.

The president of that union shares the reason for the strike.

According to Chris Alyward, “We’ve been bargaining for almost two years. We set a deadline, and I can tell you that we do not have a tentative agreement. The Public Service Alliance of Canada, 155,000 members, will remain on strike until the government addresses our key issues at the bargaining table.”

Work stoppages and slowdowns could place a burden on farmers, especially as grain inspections will be halted.
The Canadian government says that it is negotiating to prevent further impacts.

“We’re looking to ensure that we continue to deliver the important services that Canadians rely on the federal government for. We also believe in collective bargaining, and that is where the discussion at the table with the Public Service Unions continue to happen,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explains.

The Canadian government has deemed about one-third of federal employees essential, but there has been no talk of back-to-work legislation at this point.