Canada will not receive full “Buy America” exemption

Canada will not get a full exemption from Biden’s “Buy America” initiative, but certain industries could still get some relief.

One Canadian Trade Rep says that green energy is an area where they can work with the White House.

According to Steve Verheu, “When it comes to the whole issue of climate-friendly processes or products, that’s a major focus that we’re looking at because that’s where we can very easily align with the U.S., demonstrate that those markets, like many others, are very integrated, and that we can produce a lot of those goods and services together and we’re much more reliable suppliers to each other than, potentially, other countries might be.”

The Biden administration has said before that Canada could be a partner in building clean energy. The “Buy America” initiative makes sure the U.S. purchases American-made products to help the economy recovery from the pandemic.


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