CA’s Prop 12 “provides no food safety or animal welfare benefit,” according to NAMI

The National Pork Producers Council wants a delay in implementing Prop 12 in California.

That is the voter approved measure that sets strict housing requirements for livestock sold in the “Golden State.” The Pork Council says that the burden of this law will be felt by hog farmers across the country.

It also says that Prop 12 will reduce the amount of pork sold in California and could drive up prices.

The North American Meat Institute also submitted its opinion, calling for many parts of it to be reviewed and rewritten.

In its current state, NAMI says that “the law provides no food safety or animal welfare benefit and imposes substantial burdens on interstate commerce.” The public comment window on Prop 12 closed this week.

Unless a change is made, the law goes into effect in January.


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