Cash is a shining example of a farm dog

Farmers and ranchers and their families are not the only ones who put in long hours on the farm. The Idaho Farm Bureau introduces us to Cash, one of the finalist for Farm Dog of the Year.

Carol Gerken runs K.J. Ranch in Payette, Idaho with the help of her trusty farm dog Cash.

Cash has been with Carol since he was a puppy. He really enjoys working long hours along side her. Cash not only helps with herding livestock, but he also helps Carol train other dogs to herd livestock. Cash has actually participated in dog trials.

He is very instinctive, which is a great trait to have in his line of work. His confidence in his work really helps Carol with her operation.

“Cash is pretty much what we train for, what we strive for, what we breed for. He helps us through all our daily chores. I couldn’t do it without him. He is the poster child for work dogs and for farm dogs,” Carol states.