Cattle could be the solution to global food insecurity

Ruminants can help fight global food insecurity.

That is according to a global beef virtual session that was held at the Alltech One Conference this week. Alltech’s Ruminant Research Group Director says we are facing a real problem in protein deficiency with 103 countries not getting enough protein, but the solution is right in front of us.

“Well, we’re going to start by utilizing the resources that we have that no one else can utilize. Right? We’re going to utilize grassland. We’re going to utilize byproducts. We’re going to turn that into meat and milk. We take advantage of fiber digestion and nutrient upcycling to capture nutrients and to prevent that stuff from going into landfills and causing an environmental disaster.”

Dr. Holder said we have to increase nutrient supply and reduce pollution and is not a choice of either or. He says we need to take advantage of the job ruminants do and take care of both.


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