Cautiously Optimistic: Rep. Doug LaMalfa of California remains hopeful of Farm Bill passage this year

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Members of the American Agri-Women Organization just wrapped up their D.C. fly-in. It is a chance for them to educate Congress on issues impacting agriculture.

On this trip, they talked about getting the Farm Bill passed.

Congressman Doug LaMalfa of California shares his thoughts on a Farm Bill timeline.

“Well, my timeline isn’t necessarily the timeline of the body here, you know, it’s hopeful we can get to this House, to the House floor. You know, before the end of July, so we got to be out, you know, beating the bushes here. For getting our colleagues to line up on it and make sure it’s bipartisan, I got Republicans that aren’t going to vote for it. There are Democrats aren’t going to vote for it, but all that big bunch in the middle, it can. We want to have a strong effort and send a good signal to the Senate of a strong bipartisan bill, too. So I hope our Democratic colleagues can find that there’s nothing offensive in this Bill and that we don’t need to play politics on it at the last minute. So you know I’m cautiously optimistic, so we’ll see.”