Celebrate Conway Twitty’s birthday by jamming out to five of his biggest hits


Harold Lloyd Jenkins, known better by his stage name Conway Twitty, was born on September 1, 1933 in Mississippi. This country music icon won many awards for his songs, including Country Music Association’s “Vocal Duet of the Year” four years straight, a Grammy, and a Hall of Fame award in 1999. He blessed the world with countless, iconic songs before his passing in 1993 at the age of 59. In celebration of his birthday and life, here are five of his biggest hits.

“After the Fire is Gone”

It only seems right to start this list with the song that earned Conway Twitty, and Loretta Lynn, a Grammy. It was also the first number 1 song on the country charts for the duet. “After the Fire is Gone” was released in 1971 as the single for the LP We Only Make Believe.

“Don’t Call Him A Cowboy”

Songwriter Johnny MacRae came up with the concept for this song during the Urban Cowboy craze, post the John Travolta movie. It was a break from the norm for Twitty, but he was able to turn this concept into a number one song in 1985. “Don’t Call Him A Cowboy” was the title track for his 49th studio album.

“That’s My Job”

This emotional song was released in 1987 and was a single off of the album Borderline. It reached number 6 on the Billboard charts. By this point in his career he began recording songs a little differently. He took a gamble with this song by singing about the relationship between a father and a son, and how a father’s job is to protect and care for his son, as well as how a son honors his father.

“I See the Want To in Your Eyes”

This song was originally written by Mischa Scorer and Wayne Carson, and it was first recorded by Gary Stewart. Twitty heard Stewart’s version and decided to cover it. Twitty’s version would become the second single off of his 1974 album I’m Not Through Loving You Yet. It would be his 11th number one on the country charts, and stayed there for two weeks.

“Hello Darlin”

Honestly, this list could just be this song and it definitely would be incomplete without it. “Hello Darlin” might be Twitty’s best known song. It was released in 1970 as the first single and title track to the album Hello Darlin. It spent four weeks on the Billboard charts and was named the number 1 song for that year. He actually wrote the song in the ‘50s while he was a rock and roll singer. “Hello Darlin” also made history when it was played in space during an Apollo mission. The song would later earn him his Country Music Hall of Fame award in 1999.

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