Celebrating 10 years with Julie Goodnight Horsemanship


2017 marks the 10th year of Julie Goodnight showcasing her equine skills to help riders and horses with unique challenges on RFD-TV. All new episodes of “Horse Master with Julie Goodnight,” filmed at Goodnight’s Colorado ranch, premiere Monday, January 16, 2017 at 2 p.m. ET.

RFD-TV is proud to celebrate with Goodnight and horse lovers everywhere.

Upcoming Season 10 Episodes:

January 16: HM 1001 “A Bit Faster” Julie Goodnight and Dale Myler help a roper shave seconds off his time when his horse moves with ease.

January 23: HM 1002 “Letting Go” Julie Goodnight helps a fearful rider relax her grip on the reins and ride without stopping her horse.

January 30: HM 1003 “Fresh Prince” Julie Goodnight helps a Shetland Pony learn his manners so he can be a prized lead-line mount.

February 6: HM 1004 “Extend the Hand” Julie Goodnight helps a Western Dressage rider boost her scores.

February 13: HM 1005 “Hear Me Now?” Julie Goodnight helps a deaf polo pony learn hand signals for clear communication during groundwork.

February 20: HM 1006 “Trainer Talk” Julie Goodnight and Dale Myler help a trainer choose what bits to have on hand for any horse.

February 27: HM 1007 “Finishing School” Julie Goodnight helps a young rider teach her horse self-carriage — helping boost her show-ring points.

March 6: HM 1008 “Shape Up” Julie Goodnight discusses posture—and how to age gracefully with horses.

Get more info, stream episodes, and watch behind-the-scenes footage at juliegoodnight.com.

In addition, Goodnight will be filming her highly acclaimed RFD-TV show at White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona on February 28 - March 4, 2017. You can apply now at JulieGoodnight.com/apply. Applications must be submitted online by Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

Eight horse and rider teams will be selected to work with Goodnight and be a part of “Horse Master” episodes produced for RFD-TV. The shooting site will be closed to viewers and auditors. Each show taped will feature one horse/rider team in each episode, chosen from applicants that have a problematic or difficult horse and/or want to learn a new skill in order to succeed with their usually pleasant mount. The show will focus on a human with a horse problem or a horse with a human who needs to master their horsemanship skills. A broad representation of horses, people, disciplines, breeds, and issues are needed, along with information about applicants history and relationship with their horse. It’s your chance to set a goal, tell your story, and make improvements alongside a seasoned pro. Each shoot lasts for two days.

Follow Goodnight on Facebook for announcements, new shoot locations, show info, training tips, and more! And don’t forget to watch “Horse Master with Julie Goodnight,” on Mondays at 2 p.m. ET.