Celebrating A Forgotten American Fruit


It’s the first annual National Pawpaw Day! Today we celebrate this mostly forgotten American fruit with 6 facts about the pawpaw.

1. Kentucky State University has the only full-time pawpaw research program in the world (and helped create this holiday).
Back in 2016, they created a new variety of North American Pawpaw called the KSU Benson (KSU7-5 cultivar).

2. Pawpaw trees love humid continental climates.
They prefer warm hot summers with mild to cool winters and are usually found in the Southeastern U.S.

3. The Pawpaw tastes like a cross between a mango and a banana and has pits that look like giant beans.
The texture is described as custard-like.


The inside of a pawpaw is soft and gooey.

Tyrone Turner/WAMU

4. Pawpaws have a deep connection with our Founding Fathers.
It was rumored to be George Washington’s favorite fruit and Thomas Jefferson cultivated the trees at Monticello.

5. They pack a nutritional punch!
Pawpaws are high in Vitamin C, iron manganese, magnesium, and iron. Additionally, they are great sources of potassium calcium, zinc, and several amino acids. This puts them on the same nutrition level as an orange.

6. Pawpaws are in season from mid-August through September.
That means they are perfect right now!

Next time you’re at your local farmers’ market, see if you can find yourself a pawpaw! Let us know what you think of it over on our Facebook.